What do experts have to say about care for our natural hair?

Beautiful hair is the definition of beauty not only for girls but also for boys. If we see a girl with long and beautiful hair from back, we desire to see her from the front too. Many fairy tales and songs are also based on the beauty of long hair. It is an attractive part of human body. It is everybody’s dream to have good, attractive, strong and healthy hair. The industry based on hair products is earning millions of dollars. Everyone is ready to spend money to beautify his/her hair.

In today’s time of hurries and worries, the loss of hair has become a common problem. The fear of baldness horrifies many people. Beautiful hair is the gift of nature and we can prevent the loss of this beauty with the use of natural cure methods in the comfort of our home itself. By using herbal cure we can prevent not only the loss of hair but also give good health to our hair.

Many hair experts prescribe massage with herb oil for healthy and strong hair. Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba) is a herb mostly found in India, which is known as a nature’s gift for hair. Applying bhrigraj oil on the scalp with light massage regularly is the best natural therapy to cure damaged skin and hair. It is scientifically proved that it helps to grow new hair and protects from falling if applied regularly for long time.

Experts suggest giving massage to hair as well as to our ears and feet. By applying some cozy oil to scalp in a gentle motion with fingertips can do magic. It also helps to decrease tension. Message with herb oil also helps in curing headache.

Henna (Myrtle) is a good conditioner for hair. By applying Heena with a little amount of turmeric and oil mixture on a weekly basis, you can cure hair loss. Honey, Amla, Shikakai, Kanhunni etc. are good for healthy hair. These help hair growth and give silky look and touch to hair. With the constant use of these herbs, you can maintain the natural black color of your hair even in and after the age of 50 years.

Appropriate care of hair in essential and it’s a fact that with the change of habits we can prevent hair loss. Include healthy products based on these herbs without bothering for the cost factor. Wash hair regularly but avoid washing them daily. There should be an interval of at least two days between washings. Before washing your head, massage it with good herb oil. Prefer to dry hair in natural air and avoid the use of dryer. Do not comb wet hair! Comb hair gently when they are dry.

Along with natural remedies for hair loss, healthy diet also does much help to prevent. Add green vegetables and lots of water in your diet for beautiful and flawless hair. A good deal of vitamins and minerals should also be added in diet. Yoga is also prescribed for such a purpose especially under the guidance of a guru.

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